Message From Director

The MacCrate Report identified 10 fundamental lawyering skills, 41 areas for skills development, 4 fundamental values for the profession and 11 areas for development of professional values, which are essential for enhancing professional development during law school years. Those skills include what it takes to practice law competently and professionally and which a well-trained generalist should be familiar before assuming the ultimate responsibility for a client.The skills identified by the MacCrate Report include the skill of identifying and diagnosing the problems, analysis and application of legal rules and argumentation, identifying legal issues and methods for research, developing knowledge and ability to use the most fundamental tools of legal research, planning factual investigation, developing communication, developing client interviewing skills and negotiation skills, developing options of litigation and alternative dispute resolution. A teaching methodology for enhancing these skills should be an essential and inevitable part of the law school curriculum.

New pedagogic strategies and training methods have been designed and developed at the BM Law College aimed at equipping the student with necessary tools to become a complete professional lawyer by the time he graduates. For this, many innovative subjects and lawyering skills developing programmes are included in the curriculum and we use a wide range of methodologies and insights from various other disciplines.

It is our endeavour, commitment and assurance to prospective students and their parents that the college will leave no stone unturned in transforming and educating the students to pursue the path of excellence and perfection in the field of Legal Education. It is our earnest desire that pass out candidates from this college will become torch bearers and leaders in their respective profession.