About Us

BM LAW COLLEGE which is a mission driven institute and committed to the core values of ‘excellence’, ‘perfection’, ‘inclusive growth’, ‘Rule of Law’ and ‘Justice’ is sponsored by legal professionals, law teachers, advocates and social activists. It is established under a non-profit trust whose objectives are empowerment of less privileged people living in semi urban and rural areas through education including legal education. Unfortunately, it has been observed over the last 25 year that 5 year law course has been too elitist and has catered to the needs of urban rich and has been disadvantageous to rural and semi urban people. Consequently in the field of legal education, it has created huge gap between rural poor and urban elites.

The 5 yr law course in India has evolved with the liberalisation, privatisation and globalization of economy and many subjects i.e., International Trade Law, Intellectual Property Law, Bankruptcy Code, Cyber Law, Regulatory bodies like Competition Commission of India, IRDA, SEBI etc. are providing new fields and vision for present and future lawyers and law experts. Besides, exposure to social sciences has attained a centre stage in contemporary legal education. Apart from conceptual and theoretical mastery over procedural skills along with hard training in practical aspects of legal education through Moot Courts, Legal Aid Camps and doctrinaire and non-doctrinaire projects has become indispensable in contemporary legal education system.

With this back drop, the BM LAW COLLEGE aims to prepare outstanding lawyers and legally trained professionals to serve their local, national and global communities with excellence, integrity and professionalism through scholarship and service and will strive to create and develop an inclusive and more just society.

Apart from the above, the BM LAW COLLEGE intends to focus on problems through incorporation in its legal curriculum the problems of national unity and integrity and related issues of religious antagonism, problems of ethnicity, plurality and of multicultural society through intake of students from diverse localities and regions.

Our Vision

BM LAW COLLEGE has been established by the mission driven law Professors, Management Gurus, Social Scientists, Advocate and Philanthropists whose main objective is to impart quality Law education through in-depth conceptual studies, rigorous training in debating skill and translation of ideals of Law in the Society through practical and field Studies.

The need to expand the system of Legal Education beyond the traditional common Law subjects is a felt necessity of time. The increasing role of technology in the field of Legal Education and consequently in the Legal Profession has changed the Contour of Justice delivery system.

The impact of technology on the Educational delivery, the increasing private participation in Legal Education and the impact of Globalisation have necessitated changes the Legal Education system. These changes and the consequent shift in values have been taken into cognizance by BM LAW COLLEGE to Foster excellence perfection and commitment to create a just Society by formulating Core values for its Goals, Objectives and Vision.

Our Objective

We are dedicated at bringing about a paradigm shift in the delivery of legal education in the country. We pledge that will strive to achieve following objectives:

  1. Contributing to National Development

    Contributing to National Development is one of the major objectives of BM LAW COLLEGE. Along with the many top class institutions of Legal Education, the BM LAW COLLEGE shall strive to play a significant role in human resource development and capacity building of rural and semi-urban individuals to cater to the needs of the economy, society and the country as a whole thereby serving the cause of social justice ensuring equity and national integration.

  2. Fostering Global Competencies among Students

    With Liberalization and Globalization of economic activities, the need to develop highly skilled and trained Legal Professionals is imperative consequently the demand for internationally acceptable standards in Legal Education is evident.

  3. Inculcating Value System among Students

    Although skill development is crucial to the Success of students in Legal Professional and Job Markets, but the BM LAW COLLEGE will try hard to shoulder the responsibility of inculcating the desirable value systems among the students in a country like India which is pregnant with huge social economic and cultural diversities.

  4. Promoting the use of Technology

    Traditional methods of delivering Higher Education have resume less motivating to the large number of students. To keep pace with the development in other spheres of human endeavour Institutions of Legal Education have to enrich the learning experiences of their students by providing them with state of the Art Educational Technologies. The campus Community must be adequately prepared to make use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) optionally conscious effort is being made to invest in Hardware and Software and to orient the faculty suitably.

Why BM Law College

BM Law College epitomizes excellence in legal education. Our innovative and creative educational experiments will set us apart from other law colleges of the state as well as the country. Quality education from the top notch faculties in the field of legal education along with the affordable fees explains everything about our noble mission. Its Objectives, Goals and Commitments are unique which is at least unparalleled for those who intend to pursue the Carrier of Legal Education.